Financial Services

Keystone Financial Advisory, LLC offers Financial Planning, Financial Management and Financial Answers.

Financial Planning:

At Keystone Financial Advisory, LLC, financial planning is a process for identifying what is important in your financial life and putting in place a workable plan. A complete financial plan addresses the following:

1. Your Current Situation. What money is coming in and going out? What are your assets and liabilities? How do you handle your money today – checking, savings, cash reserves and bill paying? What money are you saving?

2. Risk Management. What happens in emergencies? What happens in the case of illness, long term disability or death? What happens if your home or car is damaged?

3. Tax Planning. Is your financial position tax efficient? Are there opportunities to lessen the tax impact on your situation?

4. Legacy Planning. What do you want to happen when you die? Do you have a plan to take care of your family or other significant people in your life?

5. Investment Planning. Is your money in the right places for your goals, time frame and risk tolerance?

You can get a complete financial plan at one time or you can take a modular approach to your plan and address one area at a time.

Financial Management:

Keystone Financial Advisory, LLC can assist you in managing your financial plan. We do not offer any products. We work with you in three ways.

  1. You do it yourself. We help you answer your questions or complete a financial plan and you implement the plan. If you desire we can follow-up with you periodically.
  2. We partner with you to assist in the implementation of your strategies. We use your existing advisors and accounts to implement the steps to take. We periodically follow-up to monitor your progress.
  3. We take the lead role in implementing your plans with you. You retain the decision making authority in all matters. We make referrals to service providers and recommend custodians for your accounts. We set up a systematic follow-up time table to monitor your progress.

Financial Answers:

Keystone Financial Advisory, LLC works with you to answer a single question. Some examples are as follows:

  1. What should I do with my retirement plan at work now that I have left for another employer?
  2. What is the proper amount and type of insurance for my situation?
  3. Given all the different types of investments, what is suitable for me?
  4. Should I refinance my home?
  5. I am getting a tax refund, what should I do with it?

Keystone Financial works with you on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is $180. The time spent is measured in 10 minute intervals. The minimum fee is $90.