Q: I have been saving and investing on my own.  Why would I need you? 
A: There are instances where someone has been successful financially without using any advisors. You may be one example.  I would point out that most top performers – especially athletes – have a coach.  A coach is someone who can give specific unbiased advice and direction tailored to you.  Also even though you may feel you are OK I would suggest a periodic “financial checkup.”  If you are doing OK, then you will have a positive checkup.  That could give you some peace of mind and confidence.  The last reason to consult a financial advisor is the financial landscape is constantly changing and you may not be aware of a new law or tax that will affect you.  Your advisor should be able to keep you up-to-date.

Q:  Why should I work with you?
A: Working with an advisor is a very personal relationship. I believe you will find that my years of experience, dedication to providing unbiased advice and commitment to providing top quality service will provide you with confidence about your financial situation.  I work only for my clients for a fee on an hourly basis.  There are no products, no commissions, and no account minimums.  You only pay for the time I am working on your behalf.  As your dedicated advisor I will work diligently to help you avoid financial mistakes.

Q:  What services do you offer? 
A: Keystone Financial Advisory, LLC provides financial planning and consulting along with asset management.  You pay for the time spent working on your unique situation.  This applies also to asset management.

Q:  What is your approach to financial planning? 
A:  The word keystone describes the critical wedge shaped piece at the top of an arch which holds all of the other pieces together.  It is the central supporting element of the whole.  I believe a financial plan is the keystone to your life.  It supports all the other pieces of your life. Because it is so important, financial planning needs to be comprehensive and achievable.  The plan should be driven by the facts of your life and be monitored periodically to evaluate progress.  You will receive a written plan.

Q: Do you help me implement my plan and do you offer on-going advice? 
A: We work with you in three ways.

  1. You do it yourself.  We help you answer your questions or complete a financial plan and you implement the plan.  If you desire we can follow-up with you periodically.
  2. We partner with you to assist in the implementation of your strategies.  We use your existing advisors and accounts to implement the steps to take.  We periodically follow-up to monitor your progress.
  3. We take the lead role in implementing your plans with you.  You retain the decision making authority in all matters.  We make referrals to service providers and recommend custodians for your accounts.  We set up a systematic follow-up time table to monitor your progress.

Q:  What are your areas of expertise? 
A:  I specialize in pre and post retirement planning and money management.  In pre-retirement planning the focus is on wealth accumulation.  In post-retirement planning the focus is on income replacement, wealth preservation and wealth disbursement.  I also specialize in elder/senior financial matters.  Senior financial issues involve assisting families in maintaining the highest quality of life for people 65 years old and older. This includes income preservation, asset preservation, wealth transfer strategies and handling custodial financial issues.